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Wellness Workshops: MLL

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A portion of proceeds goes to charity.

With proven transformational tools to take home, these workshops are win-win.

Whether you could use some support during a personal health crisis, help with grief, stress, anger or depression, improved relationships, greater confidence, or help to achieve a goal, these workshops offer a map and all the tools you need to thrive.

Featuring a unique combination of the latest in mindfulness and well-being techniques with self-exploratory exercises and  ancient wisdom, every workshop inspires new-found clarity, self-care, and healing that brings greater peace of mind, happiness and success.  Come learn science-backed techniques to better navigate all of life's challenges that arrive in your life with greater ease, and TRANSFORM any obstacle that stands in the way of LIVING YOUR BEST LIFE.  Participants are also taught how to access untapped potential and discover old beliefs and paradigms that can keep them stuck, and shift them for good!

These workshops are a powerful catalyst to create positive change in any area of life and bring the soul-utions you need to overcome challenges big and small. 

About MLL:  Mum's List Legacy (MLL)

The Mum's List Legacy (MLL) is an international wellness workshop series developed by internationally acclaimed psychotherapist, wellness expert, author, motivational speaker, and philanthropist, Derek O’Neill.  MLL was inspired by the UK best-selling book and film by the same name, Mum’s List, an inspiring true story of love, resilience, courage, gratitude, and strength in the face of challenge and adversity. 

Lois is one of 50 trainers that has certified to facilitate the Mum's List Legacy (MLL) Workshop, and is pleased to be able to bring this powerful body of work into organizations of all sizes.


Offered by announcement or privately scheduled for groups.   Learn more:  Mum’s List Legacy Workshop