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Come Write Your Own

My distance Rising Star session with Lois was amazing! I immediately felt a powerful energy working on me and the sensations continued throughout the entire session. I was aware of the energy working from the top of my head and down throughout my body until it felt complete. I especially received a powerful heart healing and could sense that this healing was working past, present and future, not just on me but on my loved ones as well. I am looking forward to the next 21 days as the healing session continues to run its course.

Shannon Carson, NYC

Lois Tobin’s work is phenomenal! She is a gifted healer with a strong intuition who takes you on a deep journey to truly find the source of your issue and clear it. In one of our healing sessions, she helped me to travel back to find a surprising source of my autoimmune disease and healed a lot by tapping into emotional pain to clear it. The next day my pain and inflammation were significantly less and I felt like a new person. I felt free, light and filled with energy. I know our work together transformed something we can’t even fully comprehend!


I love that Lois is also a trained medical professional and understands physical conditions from that perspective. I feel that my issues are addressed from all sides.

Shannon Carson, New York, NY

Lois’s depth, insight and resiliency aids people in truly facing and moving past that which blocks them from being there best self.  She’s a true valiant warrior.

Nick Blue, NYC

I had a Somatic Release session with Lois that was a Godsend. I was about to cancel my plans that evening because of intense, non-stop migraine I'd had all day. The pressure in my head was horrible. I knew I had high stress with project loads but there was nothing I did that helped, and I still needed to do what I needed to do. Lois helped me EXCAVATE, ERADICATE, ALLEVIATE and INTEGRATE the issues in my tissues. It was a surprising and incredible journey that was clearly very, very necessary. I was amazed at her intuition, compassion, and wisdom - she gently held space while bringing me where I needed to go to find the relief I craved. Armed with newfound information and healing, I transformed in the space of an hour. By the end of the session the intense and uncomfortable pressure I felt in my head was gone. And I was not only amazed, but extremely grateful!

Jen Anderson, New York

Lois guided me on a journey through my body and we located an exact spot where I have been feeling pain. We uncovered trauma that I have been holding in that area since I was a child.  Lois  asked questions, did some energy work including color therapy.  In about 45 minutes I was feeling so much better and deeply peaceful. I am very grateful.

Teri Merliss, New Jersey

I have had multiple transformational healing sessions with Lois. The first one I was lucky to experience shifted and removed a heavy weight I had on my chest, making it extremely difficult to breath. Lois dove inwards and she was able gently guide me in “excavating” what needed to go and fill the space with brightness and positivity, I felt the shift instantly. I have also experienced three rising star sessions which have been invaluable in my growth, each day pointing out an area of my life that I was ready and able to transform. Lois’ warmth and compassion always puts me at ease and makes me feel comfortable to be vulnerable and face some of my darkest moments. I feel so grateful and lucky that I have had opportunities to experience Lois’ guidance and give myself the gift of time with her. 

Rachel Antal, New Jersey

I came with a heaviness, and discovered I had a block regarding self-worth.  It was causing symptoms in my chest and after a workup with my doctor he said it was "nothing."  But it was something.  Lois helped me discover it was emotions regarding my inability to speak up about my self-worth.  I week after I saw Lois and we cleared this issue, I spoke up and got the raise! 

Hila Shaked, Israel

I've had several sessions with Lois during some hard days, over a period of 1.5 years. In every session we worked on a different subject, and every time I became free of a the story I came with. 

In one of the sessions, I arrived with a severe migraine, a result of a tremendous amount of stress. I was barely functioning, and I had no clue what it was about. During the session, through Lois's questions and intuitive guidance, I was able to see clearly, and connect to my internal reality of many years, of not being able to express who I am- feeling misplaced, misunderstood, and putting up front an identity that would be easier for my family to accept. I abandoned myself, and it burst out that day as a migraine. 


Lois is an extremely gifted healer. She was attentive to how this session was unfolding, following her exceptional intuition (when Lois is in the zone!!), clear in the face of my very convincing resistance (!). I felt brought to focus from this long escape from the painful rejection of the most beautiful part in me. 

By the end of the session the migraine disappeared without leaving a trace. The release I experienced in that session, as well as in the other sessions with Lois, happened right away, and has stayed with me.  

I was fortunate to meet a healer who has a personal "emptiness" of herself when she works, and who was able to go "all the way" with me, through my walls, to my tender parts. 

It's been a very happy liberation. 

Hila Shaked, Israel

How did you do that?  

Sonia Pereira, NYC

Thank you Lois for your online healing workshop focused on the Art of Forgiveness. Was so glad I attended, as I experienced a profound (and surprising) healing. You are a wonderful facilitator, and a wise, powerful woman!   love the Zoom format, which allowed me to participate unseen at home in my pajamas! 

Jen Anderson, New York

OMG you are INCREDIBLE at what you do!  With you I couldn't hide - you guided me to a find the truth and helped me clear an old issue.  You were WONDERFUL - the exact guide I needed.   I came to you with what I thought was a roommate problem, and left able to forgive my sibling and feeling lighter!  

Jenna Lecce, LA / Mexico

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