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Patient with Healthcare Nurse

Concierge Nursing

A highly trained and experienced Masters prepared Nurse, Lois offers personalized “conscious” concierge care at home. She expertly oversees and manages all aspects of medical home care with compassion, intellect and integrity. Lois graduated Valedictorian from the Columbia University School of Nursing, where she has been an educator and facilitator for Nurses.

Lois’ vast background in and skill set encompasses not only medical, surgical, and bedside expertise but also insight into safety and efficacy in situations that involve many providers and complex medical issues.  Due to her experience in Cardiac, Surgical, Orthopedics and  Emergency Room settings, Lois remains calm under pressure, thinks fast on her feet and is a wonderful diagnostician. She is a highly trained communicator  and “master” navigator of health care systems. Her passion for advocacy “and go-getter” attitude help her “get to the bottom of things, leaving no stone unturned. 


Her clinical acumen coupled with her 15+ years of experience in conscious living, meditation and the healing arts sets Lois apart from other Healthcare advocates.  She smoothly streamlines care, while supporting and empowering her clients and their families to move to higher levels of wellness. 

Nursing Consultations

Filling Out a Medical Form
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Work WELL Lunch & Learns

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